Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday in the Octave of Easter

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  1. Charming photo, Fr Chris. A picture's worth a thousand words?

    By the way, I presume your photos are from Flickr and they are under the Creative Commons license (By Attribution, etc.). If so, you need to at least indicate the name of the photographer, eg. CC . Cannot anyhow and use with giving credit, hor! ;-)

  2. Oops, WITHOUT credit (not with credit).

  3. See

    All you need to do is just add a line of small text below (or next to) a photo taken by someone else (who has displayed CC license for his/her photos), e.g. "CC photographer's name"

  4. Thanks for the legal advice. Thought it was sufficient to add a link back to the picture...

  5. It could be sufficient if you had linked back to the page where the photographer's name and related information can be found. But your links were simply to a Flickr "farm" and identifiable by a series of numbers (probably understood only by Flickr admin staff).

    By the way, I can't resist being even more kaypoh :-p : Your photo credit is rather far below the photo. You can press [shift][Enter] to make the text appear nearer the photo. Also, could be better to put "photo CC Joyseph" and not just "CC Joyseph". And you can click the tT icon and choose "small" or "smallest" to make the photo credit text small.

    Finally, strange, the words "(CC Joyseph)" are appearing in the feed, just before your post title. Wouldn't it be better to put your post title "Friday in the Octave of Easter" above the photo?