Saturday, September 16, 2006

23rd Saturday in Ordinary Time (II)
Cornelius, Pope & Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs

Reading: 1 Corinthians 10:14-22; Psalm 116; Luke 6:43-49

On a day when we remember two martyrs of the third century, our readings invite us to reflect upon idolatry. What does it mean? What are its effects?

Speaking from the perspective of ritual sacrifice Paul offers us a very sobering thought. He says that to be idolatrous is to be in communion with – to share in the very existence of –realities less than God. And for Paul it is even possible to be in communion with demons.

Jesus furthers our understanding by using metaphors from agriculture and construction. How do we know whether one is idolatrous or not? How do we know the identity of the god that one worships in the deep recesses of one’s heart? Examine the way in which one lives one’s life. For every tree can be told by its own fruit. And what is the consequence of idolatry? It is the same as building on shallow foundations. When the inevitable floods of life are encountered, the whole edifice of one’s earthly existence collapses. All meaning is lost. There seems no longer any reason to go on living. Again, a sobering thought.

What are the demons of today with whom we are tempted to be in communion? What are the fruits in our lives? What is their foundation? What inspiration do Cornelius and Cyprian provide? How can we bear witness today to the worship of the one true God?

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  1. Ode to an unseen God. The devil tries to fashion us in his image. The idol we worship resides deep in our psyche. How do we loosen the bonds that tie us to our Ego? Pray tell how do we discern whether the options from our conscience is unshackled from our original sin?
    Fr. Chris - you raise questions that probe my inner being.